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Jarosław „JSDK” Kostrzewa


Redaktor Naczelny / Webmaster / Współprace Partnerskie / Producent i twórca cyklu odcinków programu – Raputacja.

Możecie się do mnie zwracać  z wszelkimi sprawami związanymi z rozwojem naszego portalu jak i z ofertami współpracy naszego portalu z wami (Współprace Portal-Portal, chęć waszego pracowania z nami, reklama itp). Odpowiadam także za wygląd jak i samą stronę techniczną Rapportalu. Jeśli mogę jakoś wam pomóc napiszcie do mnie w dziale. KONTAKT 🙂

Patryk „Fent” 

Redaktor / twórca i prowadzący cykle wywiadów na „Rapportal Polskiego Podziemia”, „Kibicowskie Graffiti”. Ponadto prowadzący cykl „Kibicowski Hip Hop” w magazynie „To My Kibice!” oraz członek redakcji pisma „Magna Polonia” / Opiekun skrzynki mailowej: ( udzielanie patronatów). Kontakt:

Mateusz „MZR”

Szeroko pojęty redaktor, a także facebook manager. Z Rapportalem związany od 2011 roku.

Ania Dea Oszajca 

Dawna Redaktor Naczelna / Producent i prezenterka programu PlenerTV


Karol „Molikos” Molik

Redaktor/ Felietonista/ Recenzent/ Aktywista Hip-Hopu
Z wszelkimi spawami związanymi z promocją artystów, pomysłami na rozwój portalu, czy też współpracy możecie się zwracać również do mnie na adres





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received $6.8 billion in benefits, including Dubai’s coverage of $2.4 billion in fuel hedging losses. The numbers are huge, but the accusations of trade violations really begin to take flight when you consider the storyline: how the three Middle East airlines with small home markets to serve burst onto the global scene, making huge investments to add enormous numbers of seats and grab international market share in a cut throat business. The Mideast carriers have bought at least 160 of the massive, double deck Airbus A380 aircraft, yet they fly a lot on obscure seeming routes like Milan cheap replica oakleys JFK and Dubai Dallas. carriers need to do a better job of competing. The American CEOs think the only way for Qatar, Etihad and Emirates to grow the way they are growing is to not worry about making profits because their governments are giving them illicit subsidies. CEOs told us they go up against other foreign airlines and do fine, as in China, where all solo sui volumi o la capacità di dettare la tendenza, perché il vero obiettivo sembra essere il controllo di un mercato mondiale altamente concentrato in man a pochi soggetti forti. Se le autorità antitrust di America, Europa e Giappone daranno il loro via libera alla conquista di Reebok da parte di Adidas, quest’ ultima e Nike da sole copriranno infatti quasi i due terzi delle vendite globali di scarpe sportive. Solo nel 2004, la torta ha toccato il valore di 33 miliardi di dollari e Nike ne a staccato una fetta del 33%; il nuovo gruppo combinato Adidas Reebok ne avrebbe un altro 26%, mentre i due sarebbero rispettivamente al 36% e al 21% delle vendite negli Stati Uniti. Se queste sono la scala e le quote in gioco, ovvio dunque che Adidas e Nike si concentrino sui creatori di moda e sulle sponsorizzazioni: per gli oligopolisti globali dello sport, Stella McCartney o LeBron James rappresentano sempre più il valore
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per day (NASDAQ:RPD) basis, this class of rental obviously commands a lower premium, however the consumer often keeps the rental for weeks or even over a month if their vehicle is severely damaged and requires longer repair times. Thus, the very high utilization rate this type of rental commands does compensate for the lower RPD rates, which is almost opposite the short rental time/high RPD rates evident in airport wholesale jerseys or business rentals. Hertz has a reasonably balanced market mix of Replacement, Retail and Business, but the fastest growing segment has been Replacement. This segment accounted for 37% of revenue in 2012, some of which was paid for directly by car insurance companies. In 2012, HTZ grew this segment’s revenue by 14%, and has been targeting over 300 new locations annually, many of which are located at body shops or near other cheap yeezy bost 550 sources of business, like dealerships for example. Since 2009, Hertz has opened 2,520 new off airport locations, an increase of 53% over this period. Hertz estimated that for 2012,
crisis. as well as a stake in Morgan Stanley. Supported by strong balance sheets, many Japan domiciled companies are similarly expanding their businesses. On the other hand, quite a few Western firms have taken on debt to buy back shares at the top of the market, ruining investors in the process. It is under appreciated how well invested Japan based companies are, and how much they spend on R to advance their competitive moat. However, this is one of the key determinants of long term shareholder value. On this account, it is interesting to observe how former household consumer electronics companies such as Fujifilm (OTCPK:FUJIY) and TDK (OTCPK:TTDKY) have stumbled and are attempting to reinvent themselves. Similarly, Sony investors would probably prefer if Howard Stringer could win some product battles against the likes of Apple, than cheap fake ray bans if he were to split the role of CEO and chairman, fake cheap oakleys or sell the financial services business. Japanese Stock Market Remains Significantly Below 1989 High Mark O’Friel, former head of

Spurred by rising real estate costs and investor interest, two key national hospital chains are considering adding more beds in urban areas through what is known as a management contract model. This strategy embraced with much success by hotel brands such as the Taj Group has made Fortis and Apollo look at using the infrastructure provided by smaller hospitals in cities, trusts or by real estate owners thereby saving them the hassle of setting up a new hospital from scratch and discount christian louboutin also shortening the payback period. urban areas, numerous existing hospital properties are available which have hidden value as they are undermanaged. (There are also) many hospital trusts (which) are keen to professionalise but oakleys outlet find it difficult to raise resources to modernise. It is thus beneficial to all stakeholders that these properties come under professional management, explains Dr Lloyd Nazareth, President and Chief Operating Officer, Fortis Hospitals. Mr Akhileshwaran Krishnan, Chief Financial Officer of Apollo Hospital Enterprises,
bounce houses for kids, live music by Oliver’s Queen, Gina Marie Inacandela, DJ Tami, and more as well as an unforgettable tribute to our Veterans. So, get ready to dance the night away in a one of a kind, family friendly event with a fireworks show you will be talking about for years. Ready for a good, old fashioned Independence Day celebration? You may wish to check out Sebastian in the Treasure Coast. Sponsored by the Sebastian Lions Club and the City of Sebastian, the festivities include the 42nd Annual Freedom Festival and July 4th Parade as well as an arts and crafts fair and entertainment at Riverview Park. A fireworks display will light up the skies at dusk. Food will be available for purchase. Gather the family and spend an all American day of live music, great food, kids’ christian louboutin outlet games, contests, activities and an awesome fireworks display over Lake Jesup. At Central Winds Park. 407 327 6593. Independence cheap ray bans Day celebration featuring the Brevard Symphony Orchestra playing along with a beautiful fireworks display